OBA Trust

Jaffna Hindu College Old Boys’ Trust was formed on the basis of the decision taken by the Jaffna Hindu College Old Boys Association, Colombo Branch on October 07, 1994. The objective of the Trust is the development of the College by providing financial and other assistance for:

  1. needy and deserving students of the College,
  2. the administration of the College by payment to additional staff,
  3. the maintenance of the College Gnanavairavar Temple,
  4. conducting special College functions,
  5. the purchase of science equipment, furniture and fittings and sports material,
  6. the development of the College Library,
  7. the construction and renovation of buildings,
  8. acquisition of land for the expansion of the playground, and
  9. any other purpose, which the Board shall think, fit.

Subsequent to the formation of the above Trust a decision was made that it would be more convenient if the Trust is converted into an incorporated body under the Companies Act with perpetual succession and a common seal. The advantages in formation of an incorporated body are that:

  1. it consists of twenty respectable citizens (including representatives of the JHC Old Boys’ Association, Colombo Branch; the JHC Old Boys’ Association, Jaffna Branch and the Principal of the College) who hold or have held high positions and who are very much dedicated to their “Alma Mater“,
  2. it has a perpetual succession,
  3. by virtue of its location in Colombo, it is very easy to have contacts with the JHC Old Boys’ Organizations abroad conveniently and more expeditiously and can act as a liaison between them and the College, and
  4. by virtue of its legal status it can invest the funds in more profitable and guaranteed investments in Colombo and the interest accrued from such investments can be utilized for carrying out the objectives of the Trust.

In pursuance of the above decision Jaffna Hindu College Old Boys’ Trust was incorporated under the Companies Act on June 15, 1995 bearing Registration No: NA 463. The Board of Directors of the Company have been carefully chosen from amongst distinguished old boys who have had considerable experience and proven track record in professions such as education, accounting, finance, economic planning, general management, law, etc.

President: 24, Deal Place “A”, Kollupitiya CO 00300, Sri Lanka
Telephone: 94 1 57 5566, Fax: 94 1 57 5472

01.Mr. V. Kailasapillai, (President)
02.Mr. W.S. Kiruparatnam, (Hony. Secretary)
03.Mr. T. Satchithananthan, (Hony. Treasurer)
04.Dr. V. Ambalavanar
05.Mr. A. Kathiravelupillai
06.Dr. M. Kopalasuntharam
07.Mr. S. Raghavan
08.Mr. M.N. Asokan
09.Mr. S.R. Vickneswaran
10.Mr. W.S. Senthilnathan
11.Mr. N. Saravanapavananthan
12.Mr. K. Neelakandan
13.Mr. P. Parameswaran
14.The President, Jaffna Hindu College O.B.A. Colombo
15.The Secretary, Jaffna Hindu College O.B.A. Colombo
16.The Treasurer, Jaffna Hindu College O.B.A. Colombo
17.The President, Jaffna Hindu College O.B.A. Jaffna
18.The Principal, Jaffna Hindu College


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