Mr.Iyampillai Thayanandarajah, the New Performing Principal of Jaffna Hindu College

Written on:August 21, 2014
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Jaffna_Hindu_Principal_Iyampillai_Thayanandarajah_LargeMr.Iyampillai Thayanandarajah (B.Com Hons, PGDE, PGDEM, MEd) has been appointed as the new Performing Principal of Jaffna Hindu College with immediate effect. He will be taking over the mantle tomorrow from Mr.V.Ganesharajah, the outgoing Principal, who served the school to his best during a turbulent period. Mr.V.Ganesharajah has retired from service after reaching 60 years, early this month.

The new Performing Principal, Mr.Iyampillai Thayanandarajah, had his primary education at Delft West Maheswari Vidyasalai and had his secondary education at Jaffna Hindu College from 1972-1976 (A/L Commerce). He earned his BCom degree from Jaffna University B.Com (1978-1982). On completing his studies, he joined the teaching service, taking his first teaching appointment at Mannar District St.Sevier Girls’ College. In 1987, he became the Principal of Mannar Sithy Vinayagar Hindu College. The school had only 18 Students and was a type-2 school when he took over. Now it has 1855 students and was upgraded to 1 AB grade. It became a National School in December 1999. The new Performing Principal also worked for 3 years in Singapore as a Head Administrator at Singapore Ceylon Tamil Association.


 He may be assuming duty, probably, by tomorrow or early next week. The Jaffna Hindu web team wishes and welcomes the new Principal.


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